Case Studies

University of St Andrews

BMS Building, North Haugh
University of St Andrews
Lead Consultant
10 Weeks
Principal Contractor
Cosmos Projects

Following a successful competitive tender bid, we were appointed to carry out cladding replacement works for the University of St Andrews at the BMS Building.

The scope of the works was as follows:

  • We supplied and erected a fully buttressed scaffold system to the front façade of the Building to prevent disruptive fixtures to the building façade;
  • We stripped out all existing opaque Curtain Walling spandrel panels, debonded existing Styrofoam pads to the rear of the panels and replaced them with a non-combustible Insulation panel accordingly (KNAUF Earthwool Duo Slab), and refitted the spandrel panels;
  • During debonding and replacement of insulation, we carried out the renewal of both glazing gaskets & pressure plates to the affected panel areas;
  • We stripped out the existing fire protection which remained in situ in various areas discovered during a prior site visit which had all been ill-fitted previously;
  • We supplied & installed horizontal and vertical fire breaks to column and slab edges, with foil-backed slab-edge system during cladding remedial works.
  • We foil taped the edges of the insulation slab to the perimeter of the spandrel to provide greater resistance to any potential water ingress, and resultant “slumping” of the insulation slab, should this ever occur.

Our client was delighted with our project management and the completed works.