donaldson school exterior main entrance

Case Studies

The Donaldson Trust

Donaldson School, Linlithgow
Replacement and construction of new pathways
The Donaldson Trust
2 weeks
Principal Contractor
Cosmos Projects

We are delighted to have been appointed by the Donaldson Trust to undertake various works at Donaldson School in Linlithgow over the last year.

Works have included installation of new toilets, fitting of new carpets and the overhaul of doors connecting to the existing fire relay system.

Most recently, we carried out extensive works to the pathways in the grounds of the school. We constructed new state of the art multi-functional CDEC gravel pathways around the grounds and Monoblock pathways with an exposed aggregate finish at the rear of the building to create a new modern entrance to the swimming pool area. These new pathways were chosen specifically to suit the educational and special requirements of the school.

We look forward to continuing to build our excellent working relationship with the Trust and the School.